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R. Tyler Smith, phd.

Tyler is a globally recognized expert in the application of blockchain technology.  He recently left an executive position at ConsenSys, the world’s largest blockchain development company, as their Director of Energy and Consulting. While there he built blockchain infrastructure and fostered partnerships with nearly every oil and gas supermajor as well as numerous service companies in the energy industry.  Prior to joining ConsenSys, he served as the Head of Blockchain for the world’s largest natural resource company, BHP.  Recognized globally in 2016 as leader/innovator of the first Blockchain in production for the Oil & Gas industry, the success of which has been widely published by Bloomberg, Financial Times, Harvard Business Review and several others. In addition, Tyler co-founded Cellarius, a cyberpunk multi-media franchise which uses the blockchain to incentivize fan fiction contributions and community led storylines. He also advised on several blockchain gaming platforms such as Spells of Genesis. 

After finding Bitcoin in 2012, Tyler became fascinated by the potential of the blockchain to solve many of the friction points in the world economy. But it wasn’t until the announcement of Ethereum by Vitalik Buterin at the 2014 Miami Bitcoin Conference that he found what he was really looking for, a blockchain that is meant for more than just money. Since that time, Tyler has been actively helping to build the future of the internet, often called Web3.0, alongside the Ethereum community. You can see his talks at both DEVCON1 and DEVCON2 (the global Ethereum developer conference) below:

Awaking the sleeping giant: The natural resource industry and the Blockchain: 



FreeMyVunk Movement: Connecting the Metaverse through economic incentive tokens 


Tyler has a PhD in Geophysics from Rice University where he focused his research on the history of the Antarctica Peninsula Ice Sheet.  He received a US congressional medal for his 3 field seasons spent in Antarctica and his work on climate change.  His early career was spent finding oil and gas all around the world as an exploration geophysicist for BHP.  

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