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Vincent is a seasoned executive with extensive domestic and international experience in both the corporate and investment sectors. 


Vincent currently is a co-founder and CEO of Joyflips, creating technology that strengthens families by connecting them around the stories their family photos tell. Joyflips has created the new "digital family album" paradigm…dynamic storytelling that engages and evolves. Joyflips serves up valuable information through the use of its technologies; from genealogy discovering your family history, to photo sharing, to DNA analysis. The voice & text is part of the photo metadata, and it is all searchable. It allows the AI to bubble up important family history information for further investigation.


He is the co-founder and an advisor to a successful startup in the financial services arena focused on clean energy financing for the commercial real estate market.


Vincent founded and successfully managed a VC Fund. Its focus was on investing growth capital in later-stage European technology companies seeking to expand their product offering to the US.  


Vincent formed a pro-bono consulting organization of handpicked advisors in California, Boston, and Europe. MentoNet's pool of talent included 270 successful mid-market CEO's and senior technology executives from the Fortune 1000.  Most of these executives had extensive international experience and skillsets, giving an entrée for potential partnerships. 


Before this, he was the Chairman & CEO of an application software, compression technologies & network solutions company with offices in the US, Europe & Asia.


Vincent was also the CEO of a successful private equity LBO fund.  He also managed an Investment Banking operation fostering employee ownership.


He served as a Senior Vice President & CFO of three NYSE companies, two of which were Fortune 500 companies. He has managed several public offerings on the NASDAQ & NYSE exchanges, and has actively served on corporate boards in the US, France, Germany, England and Japan. 


His credentials include a BS in Economics from Fordham University, and he has served as a Guest Lecturer at Fordham University’s, Stanford University’s, and Santa Clara University’s Graduate Schools of Business. 

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