Introduction to Prosapia

As detailed in my previous post, the idea of creating an incentivized data commons struck me while working in the Energy industry. However, nearly any ecosystem where data is acquired or held by participants in a distributed or decentralized way can benefit from using a blockchain to aggregate the data. The real trick is aligning incentives to create a win-win for all participants in the network. This post will be focused on my passion project called Prosapia and why we propo

Project Prosapia

The Problem Genealogical data is scattered all around the globe which makes it difficult to access. Existing Solutions Several organizations (both for profit and non-profit) are attempting to access and accumulate large genealogy databases from both digital and non-digital sources. The data is siloed, but attempts are being made through agreements/partnerships for customers to access data across platforms. Why Blockchain? A blockchain platform could enable a single source of