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Project Prosapia

The Problem

Genealogical data is scattered all around the globe which makes it difficult to access.

Existing Solutions

Several organizations (both for profit and non-profit) are attempting to access and accumulate large genealogy databases from both digital and non-digital sources. The data is siloed, but attempts are being made through agreements/partnerships for customers to access data across platforms.

Why Blockchain?

A blockchain platform could enable a single source of genealogical information. In conjunction, work done to augment the database (both in new data and data curation) can be rewarded through a native token to incentivize the growth of the network. Blockchain in this context really represents a neutral platform to house the data where participants can share with the network but are not required to relinquish ownership of the data to a self serving entity or group. For-profit services can be built on top of this base layer.

Initial Goals

1. Build a blockchain platform architecture which incentivizes people and groups to add and curate genealogical data to a single decentralized depository.

The network should

  • not be owned or controlled by any single group or individual

  • promote highest standards in genealogical research

  • create self sustaining rewards through a native token

  • discourage attempts to spam or game the system for financial gain with little to no benefit to the greater network

  • preserve the authenticity and source permissions of the original data owners

  • properly safeguard personal privacy

  • maintain respect for the deceased

Additional components of the platform

  • browser wallet interface (add mobile later)

  • data upload and permissions governance

  • token ownership and control

  • link forging/staking control center

  • blockchain explorer

  • family tree builder

2. Persuade individuals and large genealogical database incumbents to share their data.

To do this we must

  • financially incentivize work in data collection and curation

  • provide easy and efficient migration tools

  • adhere to legal requirements that must be respected and observed

  • educate constituents about why data silos hurt everyone

  • show how our goals align and synergize with others

3. Provide tutorials and easy on-boarding processes

  • many who work in the field of genealogy are retirement age and are slow to adopt new technologies

  • allow people to start using the platform at zero cost (such as using Family tree builder)

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